wind turbine_comissioning and inspection
Commissioning and Inspection are indispensable as beside the fact that allow you to prevent defects, also permit monitoring the proper operation of wind farm and assist in the planning and optimisation of maintenance schedule.

Our qualified technicians offer a series of activities which ensure the wind turbine entire operational lifetime.

Commissioning and Inspection

There are wind turbines components, which although designed to last the duration of the turbine lifetime, fail earlier than anticipated, and cause unscheduled down-time which adversely affects turbine availability and the overall success of the wind farm project. Therefore, inspections cannot be neglected.

Trylon certified technicians offer commissioning and inspection of:

  • Internal ladder and safety lift
  • Service lift
  • Electric nacelle crane

Our team offers wind turbines first and annual inspection with trained and certified personnel according to AVANTI, POWER CLIMBER and VESTAS procedures.

Standard Repairs

Our technicians provide standard repairs compliant with AVANTI and POWER CLIMBER training manuals.


It is very important for our customers to have a full view on the wind turbine inspection. We create customer reports: inspection reports, overview reports and repair reports for all actions staged in the wind turbines